Our Experiences

Academic Year 2023-2024

 In term one at nursery, we wanted to get to know our friends and how we can all be safe and responsible together. We thought superheroes are kind and help people, so we explored the different ways that superheroes use their superpowers and how we all have our own super powers. We used our learning to create our nursery rules and our superhero friend Charlie Ocean. We went on a trip to the woods to build  SUPERHERO hideout too.


But one day the superheroes had gone and we used our magnifying glasses, binocular, maps and books to look for clues. The children decided that the superheroes had blasted off into space. So off to space we went.


We explored how we might travel in space, what planets are in space and who might live in space. We also discovered that aliens really like underpants and had a go and designing our own patterned underpants.

In term two the children noticed that there have been some changes happening in our community “leaves are falling off the trees” and were interested to find out what else happens in the autumn. We have carved pumpkins and learned how to be safe with tools and even made one explode with our science experiment. We have looked at different animal habitats and what animals might live up high and what animals might live down low. We are now learning about why different animals hibernate and why some animals go to different countries when the weather turns colder.