School uniform

We believe that having a school uniform is important.  It helps to create an identity for the school and gives the children a feeling of pride and respect for their school community.  We encourage all our families to support us in this matter.


Our school uniform options are:

Grey or black trousers, shorts, skirt, or pinafore

White polo shirt with maroon school sweatshirt

Grey or black or maroon pullover or cardigan

White shirt with school tie

Red and white stripe or check dress (summer)


Parents are able to use an online ordering service for some school uniform items including the school maroon sweatshirt which has the school motif on the front.  However there is no expectation that parents purchase items from this company and items purchased elsewhere, with no school logo, are perfectly acceptable. 

We encourage parents to send in used school uniform items, which are still in good condition and can be passed on to other families.