Guildtown Larder  Guildtown Village Hall 

Every Thursday 14-16pm

Guildtown Larder Hut - every Thursday after 16pm 

Food support is available for people within our community, to ensure that no-one ever needs to go hungry.


Perth & Kinross Foodbank are on the move!

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Supporting Parents into Work and Study

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Struggling with the cost of living? Help may be available

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 Schools & Nursery

Grants & Benefits

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Support for Families 

Internet Safety

 As well as engaging our children in discussions about their online activities it is important that parents feel confident in knowing how to support and protect their children too.  Please follow the links below which will take you to a website about keeping your child safe online. - Internet Matters-Set Up Safe Checklist

Keeping Children Safe

'There's no such thing as a perfect parent. One day all's calm, the next it's chaos. However it's going, we're here with advice and support for parents and carers.' - NSPCC Team

Keeping children safe - Support for parents Activities for children at home

Childline - toolbox

Futures For Families 

Futures for Families aim is to support eligible parents into work or to advance within their current role/organisation. Whether a parent is in or out of work they will receive relevant assistance to progress with the ultimate aim of securing well paid, highly skilled employment.

Support can be offered to parents in one or more of the following categories:

Lone Parents, Parent or child with a disability, 3+ children, Minority Ethnic, Youngest child < 1, Parents aged < 25

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Futures For Families Overview

For any further queries on Futures For Families programme please contact


 A selection of FREE high quality and flexible, online and face to face learning courses - Adult learning hub - CLICK HERE 


Help with the costs of childcare

Families can access help with the costs of childcare in a variety of ways, through the tax credits system, vouchers provided by employers and tax free childcare accounts.

Tax-Free Childcare

Tax-free childcare is an additionality (of up to £2,000 per year, per child) for parents to pay for registered childcare.  

Parents and government both pay into a tax-free childcare account which then pays the service. Any money left over in the account when childcare is no longer needed is returned to parent and government. 

The scheme covers 20% of childcare costs e.g. ASC sessions costs £10 = parent pays £8, govt pays £2.
     To be eligible the child must be 11 or under and usually live with the parent. They stop being eligible on 1 September after their 11th birthday. Adopted children are eligible, but foster children are not. Parents must be earning at least the national minimum wage or living wage for at least 16 hours a week for at least 3 months. Parents can earn up to £100,00 per year. Find out more