Transitioning to P1

 Our nursery children are very much part of the school community, and we work hard to ensure that there are opportunities for the nursery and primary class to work together and to share things that they do. This allows the nursery children to start developing relationships with the older children, making the transition into P1 much easier.

In the summer term there are also specific times when the pre-school children will meet with their P1 teacher and children from the infant stages.

We also work closely with other primary schools should your child be transitioning into P1 at another school.

All Nursery information and reports are passed on to the P1 teacher, which allows for smooth transition into primary school.


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Little Scribblers by NHS Tayside Occupational Therapy Service

 Our nursery team continuously working on developing mark marking and early writing experiences in the nursery.  To support this work further please find below some information from NHS Tayside Occupational Therapy Service. 

Little scribblers

This is geared towards families who have children about to start in P1 after the summer break.   Writing is such a complex activity and parents are often unsure how to support this skill.   The video (see link below) and the 'Little scribblers' document (above) will help to support you in this area. 

PRE-WRITING - Little Scribblers